Shelly-Ann Gajadhar, CEO and founder of Alphastute is an Attorney at Law and PhD Candidate at King’s College London. After spending three years as a State Prosecutor in Trinidad and Tobago, she chose to diversify her career from law to business. In 2015, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Distinction in International Business and Emerging Markets and co-founded a sustainable start-up, One Memoir, which featured in the Royal Bank of Scotland Entrepreneurial Spark Incubator Hub.
Presently, as a Doctoral Candidate at King’s College London she teaches courses related to Organisational Research Methods and International Business. Her recent research on technology and knowledge transfer in Trinidad and Tobago’s construction industry has been published in the Social and Economic Studies Journal and has been presented at both local and international academic conferences.
Her life motto is: “Anything your heart desires can be achieved but, it does not only require you to think. It takes both the intellectual and intuitive mind to get you to your preferred destination”.
In this episode, we discuss:
– Shelly’s key tips for finding purpose in our lives
– Shelly’s personal journey of finding her own purpose
– Education vs. Academic

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