At one point or another, we’ve all experienced the great inconvenience of car troubles.

From car accidents to a blown tire or stalled battery – each one of these scenarios can seriously change the course of your day…right? So how do you turn this everyday occurrence into a multimillion-dollar business? In this “Become Investible” feature, we take a closer look at Total Convenience Management Ltd… from a startup leasing and rental company to the group of companies it manages to date.

Total Convenience Management Ltd, or TCM, serves the Caribbean as one of the largest providers in roadside assistance, leasing and rentals, GPS, executive transport, and vehicle concierge services. As the slogan boasts it’s your Plan A! Everyday…

To say this group of companies started from humble beginnings is by no measure, a false account. TCM began its journey with three employees and has grown from strength to strength bolstering a whole new industry based on the demands of a growing nation. Its home base Trinidad and Tobago is the largest importer of motor vehicles in the Caribbean. This presented the perfect platform for founder Kirk Waithe, and his partner Robert Visser to groom their start-up vehicle concierge and leasing service.

The journey began with a chance encounter between Kirk and Robert, where the two, with a like-minded approach to customer service, decided to join forces on the company’s biggest project to date; BPTT. At that time, BPTT required services for both its internal and external fleet- a project Waithe knew he could not handle on his own. And so, he put Robert Visser to the test. This project formed the partnership behind TCM’s success.

Every business has the potential to “become investible” – TCM grew its company through understanding the demand for their services and continuing to push the envelope in satisfying its customers. TCM is only one of many stories found right here in the Caribbean.

For many entrepreneurs hoping to grow or scale their business, successfully sourcing investment capital is a major pain point. What investors are looking for can be a mystery.

This episode features a panel discussion with expert investors and finance professionals who give insight into why businesses succeed or fail to attract investment and outline what business owners can do to become more Investible.

Panelists include:

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