Today, we spread love to the St. Lucian family as Kevin is joined by guest host Salene Griffith and our featured guest – Rankin Morgan,  widely known as the award-winning founder and publisher for Dazzle Magazine.
Dazzle Magazine is a free bi-monthly publication that features young professionals and entrepreneurs. The magazine aims to inspire and empower St.Lucian and Caribbean youth.
The magazine caters to a demographic that ranges between ages 18 – 50 with an island-wide reach of 36,000 and a digital reach of 57,080 St. Lucians, and has franchised out to neighbouring islands St. Vincent and Barbados.
In this episode, we discuss Rankin’s exciting entrepreneurship journey including:
  • Life in London
  • The origin story behind Dazzle Magazine
  • Branding vs. Naming
  • Getting buy-in from the masses
  • Paper vs. Digital
  • The content creation and publication process
  • Rankin’s other ventures, and
  • The St. Lucian Government & Entrepreneurship.
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