Michael K. Jackson is a Caribbean American inspirational keynote speaker, author and Master Trainer specializing in the area of emotional resilience & well-being. As Founder and CEO of Michael K. Jackson International, Michael leverages over two decades of business, ministry, and government leadership experience to advance his mission to inspire, empower, and equip purpose-driven leaders around the world to “bounce back from setbacks and ‘build back stronger’ from stress and adversity.”

Michael is a coauthor of the Amazon Best Seller, “Speaking My Truth: 50 Real Life Stores that inspire, Empower, Heal, and Transform,” in which he introduces  readers to his P.L.A.N. Resilience-Building Blueprint. Michael holds several certifications, including Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master Trainer, National Wellness Institute (NWI) Resilience & Thriving Facilitator and NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP). He earned an MBA in International Business from American Intercontinental University and a B.S. in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland Global Campus Europe (Heidelberg, Germany).  He is a husband, a proud father of 4 daughters and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. 

Having overcome significant challenges in his personal and professional life, Michael walks us through what it takes to Build Back Stronger.

This episode is a much needed lesson on resilience, adversity, and hope as well as uncovering Michael’s P-L-A-N blueprint: a method for dealing with problems, difficulties, and conflicts on the journey to success.


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