Today we discuss renewable energy and how we can get started on reducing our carbon footprint and saving on our electricity bills.
In this episode, I am joined by guest hosts Zahra Alleyne and Kamilah Evans, and our featured guest Mr. Irvin Davis of Davis Ecolife.
Davis Ecolife sees embracing renewable energy as the way forward for upcoming generations. The company is of the view that the region has an abundance of wind, sunshine, water and in some places geothermal energy, and these resources are underutilized. The company plans to use these resources in a manner that would lessen the region’s dependency on fossil fuels.
Currently, the company provides innovative products and solutions aimed at creating a cleaner, more sustainable and cost-effective future for residents and businesses across the Caribbean.
Episode Highlights:
  • From Jamaica to Trinidad
  • Davis Ecolife’s Vision
  • Getting Clients on board
  • Running a renewable energy business in an oil and gas economy
  • The Eco Pod and the Super Pod
  • How Davis Ecolife can save you in excess of 30% on your electricity bill
  • Government regulatory environment & limitations
  • Renewable energy opportunities within the region
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