“Appreciate people”, these are the sentiments echoed by Gabriel Martino – a phrase he often heard growing up from his father, a tradesman.

On this episode of Caribbean Power Lunch, we hear how an immigrant investment banker bought a granite company in Maryland after flipping houses in then-distressed Baltimore. Gabriel used his storytelling abilities and his most unique attributes as a means of setting himself apart from competitors to win contract negotiations with top hotel chains across America.

His message is “shoot your shot; you can’t hit if you don’t shoot”. Gabriel shares stories of some of the shots he took (business ventures he pursued) and how they worked out for him. He defied all odds and stuck to his guns. His investment strategy when it comes to real estate: buy low in distressed communities, remodel, refurbish then resell high. As he puts it “where people see crisis, I see opportunity”.

Episode Highlights:

  • Seeing opportunities where others see crisis — applying that principle to his house flipping business in Baltimore — using focused research to recognize valuable investment opportunities 
  • Using your circle to propel each other entrepreneurship goals — taking the dollar and passing it around your circle. 
  • You can’t hit if you don’t shoot, so just keep shooting — networking and finding your niche, proving yourself establishes your longevity.
  • Appreciate people — recognizing the interdependence between employer and employee to the success of the organization. 
  • The challenges of being an employee and entrepreneur at the same time. 
  • The need for Caribbean banks to focus on structured financing and access to capital for small businesses.


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