Kerra Denel is:
  • Founder and President of Kerra Denel Entertainment (KDE),
  • Chairman of the charitable foundation bearing her name Kerra Loves Kids (KLK) and
  • Curator of the international movement Caribbean Women’s Power Lunch.
As the President of KDE, Kerra has integrated her business management expertise with her passion for Caribbean culture to drive marketing, media and promotional campaign strategies reaching millions of people. She has developed a strong reputation for professional quality event production, artiste management, public relations, marketing and consulting in geographically dispersed locations.
Over the past decade, KDE has become an international company, working with celebrated clients such as musicians, influencers and premier entertainment entities.
KDE’s network connects individuals and organizations across Canada, the United States, Western Europe, and the West Indies. Kerra Denel Entertainment prides itself as being the conduit to the Caribbean and ‘Connecting the World with the Caribbean.’
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Identity struggles of a Caribbean person living abroad;
  • The most authentic way to build a vast network; and
  • Why “Caribbean Women’s Power Lunch”?

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