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Kerwyn Valley

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Kerwyn Valley has over  26 years of experience in the Financial  Services  Industry;  10  of these working for Canada's largest bank,  the  Royal Bank of Canada  (RBC).   

In  2004,  Kerwyn joined  AIC  Financial Group in Trinidad  and Tobago to develop  the Group ’s regional Trade  Finance  Division.  In  2008, Kerwyn became CEO  of  AIC  Finance Limited and in  2010 he was also appointed CEO  of  AIC  Capital  Market  Brokers  Limited. In  February  2011,  he led the successful management buy-out of  AIC  Capital  Market Brokers which has been rebranded as KCL  Capital  Market  Brokers  Limited.     

Kerwyn is also the founder and  Managing Director of Aspire  Fund  Management  Company  Limited. Aspire is a small-cap private equity management company focused on growth-stage private sector investments throughout the  Caribbean. 

Aspire's mission is to foster a new generation of Caribbean businesses, producing cascading benefits to a variety of stakeholders including investors, founding executives and  the wider social and economic communities within which these select businesses operate and grow.

Additionally, Kerwyn was the founding Chairman of the Kenneth Cyril Valley Foundation (“KCVF”), KCVF is a Trinidad & Tobago registered charitable organization focused on youth education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

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  1. Moving from Employee to Owner
  2. Weighing the Risks
  3. Building Generational Wealth
  4. Creating Wealth in the Caribbean
  5. Overcoming Fear
  6. How to Identify a Good Business
  7. The Importance of Providing the Money in the Middle (Putting Professional Capital to Work)
  8. Questions From Social Media