Caribbean Power Lunch aims to build a community for black entrepreneurs and their customers to connect, support and collaborate with each other directly. 

The characters in the Caribbean Power Lunch stories are dynamic, creative entrepreneurs living and working in the Caribbean who share their unique stories of overcoming challenges endemic to the Caribbean space and forging their own paths toward success that may start locally but grow globally.

In each episode, the character, guided by the host (Kevin Valley), begins by introducing their story. This is not a sales pitch for their business, but an introduction to them as a person, speaking about where they come from, what motivates them, and what they dreamt of growing up. As the episode progresses, the characters expand upon their moments of being pushed to the limit, driven to discovery, and outlining their moments of crisis and failure.

The character acknowledges his or her weaknesses and moments of doubt, while also working toward their goals. A unifying element of the characters’ stories is the conflicts that arise when operating against the traditional Caribbean mindset, moving beyond what is expected of them, and developing vision.

At the end of each episode, listeners will have discovered and be inspired by the myriad of possibilities that can be driven by the Caribbean spirit in the Caribbean, embracing and projecting the myriad experiences of the Caribbean identity both within the region and on an international scale.

This show is for those who aspire, who dream beyond what they are told they should do to see the impact they can make for themselves and for their communities.

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