Episode 005: Building a Luxury Brand - Cosmetics

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Today, we talk about building a luxury brand in the cosmetics industry.

In this episode, I am joined by guest host Zahra Alleyne, audience member Kieran Valley-Gordon, and our featured guest - Kathryn Nurse, Creative Director and CEO of Immortelle Beauty.  Kathryn is on a mission of creating beauty products of a luxurious and international standard for Caribbean Women

Topics Discussed:

  • From Biologist to Cosmetic Chemist
  • From Biology to MBA in Luxury Brand Management
  • Origin of Immortelle Beauty
  • The stigma that luxury products are unlikely to be locally produced
  • The conceptualization, branding and packaging process
  • Power struggle between manufacturers and retailers
  • Importance of writing things down on paper
  • Scotiabank Vision Achiever Business Class Programme
  • How to start your own luxury brand


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Immortelle Beauty

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