066: CinemaOne – From Idea to IPO with Brian and Ingrid Jahra

https://youtu.be/IaSV7Ll-lAg Founding team Brian and Ingrid Jahra discuss the evolution of CinemaONE, the Caribbean’s first IMAX experience, the pioneering step of becoming the first SME IPO in T&T, and the challenges of building a sustainable, wealth-generating business, while also focusing on future growth and possibilities. In this conversation, we unpacked: …

059: Building an Investible Business

For many entrepreneurs hoping to grow or scale their business, successfully sourcing investment capital is a major pain point. What investors are looking for can be a mystery.

This episode features a panel discussion with expert investors and finance professionals who give insight into why businesses succeed or fail to attract investment and outline what business owners can do to become more Investible.

058: Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with Zahra Alleyne and Tennille Whiskey

In this episode, we discuss how to increase the investibility of your business, create your own wealth engine, and how to protect, extract, diversify, and smoothly transfer that wealth to the next generation.

This episode features Zahra Alleyne from Become Investible and Tennille Whiskey from the Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation.

057: Becoming Investible with Kevin Valley

Can we become investible?

Kevin Valley recently sat down with Dike Rostant at TTT News station to discuss the professional services he offers; from business valuations to working with businesses to attract investment.

He also offered his perspectives on what is needed to foster a favourable environment for business, how to fortify our private sector, and what drives him to do all that he does.